Trash # StuartAbuseFromHell

Match 23196013
(4) Torrente (Rank 55)
Heartless Jäger (Rank 20)

BeeRye (Rank 361)
theboyoisbackintown (Rank 432)
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May 12, 2024
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Comments sign in to comment! [U] 8 days ago

Hello Boyz, if you want see a Replay where 7-8 Stuarts on the map, a game, where Stuart Rush Wehrmaht Base and destory T4 - 1 second before P4 comes out? - A Replay, where the Abuse is real, and you totaly dont know what to do because the game itself is trash. MVP Panther, MVP Motars, - watch it if you want put out your brain and have a feeling like Fast and Fourious watching :D

i dont care about my english i want to eat finally

The Moment your Mate go Peee while the game is already Fucked UP :D

smallNhii 8 days ago

dude, you lost to rank 200-400 players. just why ?. if you can do the math, you know how much 7-8 and how long to get there ?.

Heartless Jäger 8 days ago

Kill me