High rank 2 vs 2

Match 12511927
(4) Campbell's Convoy
VonManteuffel #USF unbalanced (Rank 14)
Heartless Jäger (Rank 27)

B L U E S KI D R O W (Rank 4)
Ark Royal (Rank 48)
Heartless Jäger
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Sep 8, 2023
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Heartless Jäger [U] 7 months ago

Hello Comrades,

Early game was the usual Jeep and Dingo vs MGs and Panzergrens(Dak) which is quit hard to manage but with good team work the axis managed to kill the Dingo and the Jeep which gave them a resource advandage but it would not last for long. Once the light vehicels came it turned around and the axis suffered some loses but soner or later they would lose those light vehicels and that gives the axis there momentum back with Stugs and Marders they hold of the blobs of IInf.and the Matildas,Sherman(Ez8). After they managed to hold on for long enought it was time to for the German Wunderwaffe the Tiger.

Can the axis strike back with it or will it crumble under the hellcats, EZ8s and 17 pounders find it out.

Have fun watching