vs Top 2v2 team maphacking and yet losing

Match 20960895
(4) Campbell's Convoy
IronCross (Rank 83)
Arashenstein (Rank 204)

Leo invictum (Rank 55)
whine! (Rank 94)
Uploaded By
Apr 1, 2024
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Arashenstein [U] 19 days ago

Ok I need to clarify somethings about why they are maphacking:

  1. Both enemies specially with the higher ELO and rank (Leo invictum) is lacking skills and it was like playing versus easy CPU.
  2. My teammate was constantly telling me on voice that he is being magically bombarded through fog of war without any flares later in mid and late game.
  3. I build my flak 88 and without it firing a single shot it gets bombarded with two different arty units.
  4. We try to repair a wounded webel wind near our base and they lunch both of their arty units to fire exactly on that location while there are 10000 more important things on the map that they can arty to get the VP at least.
  5. No skill, no micro, not even understanding how to capture points and being such high ranking player.

This is probably the first time I have seen maphackers in coh3 but a simple youtube search can prove you it does exist.

DanielD 18 days ago

OK I need to clarify some things:

  1. Unfortunately, top 200 is not "top team" in coh3, ladder is simply not that active.
  2. I remember you from gamereplays, you were intolerably toxic back then, and I see nothing has changed. Aren't you an adult now? What's going on man, you good?
  3. I watched the replay, and the dingo spotted the flak. I suggest in the future you actually watch the replay - instead of relying on your perhaps not quite up to par game sense - to tell if someone is maphacking. As for arty landing without flares in the FoW, I think you need to look up what the "Bishop" is.

Map hackers do exist but this game does not appear to have any.