Coh 3 day 101 Close Vp game high rank

Match 20466662
(4) Day 101
VonManteuffel (Rank 14)
Heartless Jäger (Rank 27)

PutPut-AusarTheVile (Rank 4)
Dr. Jekyll (Rank 40)
Heartless Jäger
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Mar 21, 2024
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Heartless Jäger [U] 30 days ago

In this game you will see a double Mg into P Gren build and from the DAK a 250/9 build with double P Gren and from the Allies you get a heavy mortar into Polaten + double gurkhas build and a Commando rush into Matilda. In the early game the Allies managed to hold the fuel point in the Center of the Map, however the Axis managed to hold the northern fuel points it was balanced in terms of fuel income. In the mid game the Axis managed to get the mid fuel point after a P Gren flank however due to a Matilda arriving it was shut down pretty fast and the Allies regained their mid fuel point. In the late game all hell broke lose 17 pounders destroying P4s left and right Grants flying around becouse of the 88, the sky was filled with Planes and in the Center of that a Vp point ticking down from 4 and everyone trying to grab it or hold it.  Lets see who comes out on Top.