Left right and Center

Match 26426776
(2) Twin Beaches
lattouf (Rank 8)

Alpenwell (Rank 31)
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Jul 10, 2024
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IIGaryII 9 days ago

Alpenwell surrendered. But the game could have been much different and much easier on each side, with different tactical choices. This game summarizes the essential key to winning a CoH3 game, and CoH in general: the "map control". The "map control" comes mainly from the number of front deployed units (the basic riflemen of each army). Then, when the game switches to the "late game" (after 15min). The ability to generate violent DPS on front units will decide the victory (holding the "map control"). Looks for tactics now ! Alpenwell begin the game with much mobility. Lattouf doesn't react about that (Engineer built too fast, no Jeep vs 2 Motocycles .... ??? Jeep win vs 2 Motocycles !). So "Map control" come easily for Alpenwell. "Middle Game", Lattouf continues in tactical errors. Clearly, "no map control" => Bad idea on T3 way with Greyhhound !!! T2 is enough (maybe with a Halftrack canon, but not absolutely needed if M8 call). Lattouf need a M8 Scott call only (poor fuel used for a T3 tactic) and +2 Riflemen and, finally, the engineer. Alpenwell decide to cut his middle game (huge fuel income). But Alpenwell's mistakes come here, while Lattouf built + 2 Riflemen (It's about time) after "inutile" ATGun. Alpenwell choose to stay with a very poor efficient and number of frontlines infantries. And Alpenwell choose a mass Panzer III (not really good DPS on infantries). A huge better choice would be +2 PzGrenadiers (with weapons and add soldiers, same for Bersaglieri with doc) + IG18 + Upgrade Tank + Panzer IV - PzJager Call. With theses tactics choices, Impossible to retake map control for Lattouf. And finally, Call double StuG to solve Sherman Easy 8 income (or Tiger, if enough resources). At the same time, the unnecessary fuel expense for the "classic T3" delayed the sherman Easy 8. And, Lattouf was also trapped by the reload of his infantry for the timing of the second. This generated a critical timing (destruction of anti tank guns x3) that could have been fatal. Fortunately for Lattouf, Alpenwell made the worst tactical choice of "late game", continue to line up Panzer III (without MG roof in addition). Faced with the ineffectiveness of his tactical choices, Alpenwell tried an ultimate rush, which almost worked (Lattouf slept in the 30min, and forgot to reverse to maintain the front armor of his Easy 8). To resume this game. " Early game" => Lattouf did not react to the tactics proposed by Alpenwell. "Middle game", Lattouf made bad tactical decisions and delayed to take the right ones." Late game" Alpenwell neglected the importance of "map control" and made bad tactical decisions because he did not choose an army composition that allows to make big damage (neither on the infantry, nor on the probable US Tanks of end of game). Nevertheless, I think Alpenwell was stronger than Lattouf (best skill). Alpenwell would have deserved a win. But Alpenwell will only win if he progresses in their tactical army composition choices on all the game (not only on "early game"). Thanks for this exchange, the game was nice to watch ! ;)

Zuntew 6 days ago

It is a typical cheese master strat ;) 2x bike + 2x Bersa + HMG is a all in to a flak truck + PZ III / carros. He overinvested in to upgrades and had no inf to push AT guns. Greyhound must be there to finish Flak truck if it is left alone after AT gun shoot and to soften up inf, which forces AT from DAK. Jeep is a nice play, but riflemans are better for long term benefit. Bikes + bersa can trap jeep and you are going to be busy reparing it, but it may be nice to do for 2x mortar drops to make HMG useless and atack flak truck to soften it up. Stugs call in solves nothing, coz they can not move around AT guns, but it may work with artillery cover, but spliting up AT guns and leaveing inf in a zone of this off map can help. BTW I never saw a normal game from Alpenwell.