FERIG vs Bunkerbuster airborne vs 8rad

Match 26138231
(2) Road to Tunis
FeriG (Rank 1)

bunkerbuster (Rank 4)
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Jul 5, 2024
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YangXYZ 14 days ago

if Ferig used the munitions for the sticky grenades instead of the strafe then those 8rads would not be able to flank like they did

IIGaryII 12 days ago

The problem is not here (Sticky bombs). FeriG, probably, wanted to play a little bit "Fun" (Halftrack AA + Sniper + Sniper rebuild). But the moment of the game is here. In replacement of that, if FeriG build + 3 Riflemen and, after that, T4 + Hellcat, FeriG go to win the game at ~15 min (tickets). Why ? Because FeriG go to have 1 Scout + 6 Riflemen + Captain. So it is impossible for Bunkerbuster to take 1 VP point, save VP North point (cross attack by Riflemen), rush ATGun paratroopers (too many Riflemen on the map to stay away the snares). etc ... ... ... So FeriG could win before "8 Rad Snow ball + PaK 40" effects. To resume this game, the problem was not the number of "8 Rad". The problem was : too poor numbers of frontline infantries to neutralize the PaKGuns before DPS "8 Rad" action block infantries movement. A support with 1-2 Hellcat was enough ... But not enough Riflemen in the good time (too many expensive Manpower used on AA Halftrack and Snipers).